Fisher Sophomores Create Bilingual Children’s Book

April 25, 2024

ʪƵ students Emma Muchow and Marissa Terech spent their semester creating a bilingual children’s book, Pig Tales and Poemas with Mia La Cerdita, to promote dual-language storytelling within their community.

An illustration of Mia the Pig.

The storyline follows a little pig named Mia as she learns important lessons like exploring new things and building confidence throughout five poems written in both English and Spanish. Initially an idea for their Honors keystone project, their passion for children’s literature ignited the challenge of self-writing, illustrating, and publishing their own creation.

Despite being advised to hire professional help, Muchow and Terech completed their project independently—with no prior experience. The sophomores sought assistance from Fisher faculty and local published authors to gain insight, advice, and techniques.

“We had so much passion and excitement for the project, we knew we could do it,” said Muchow.

Terech agreed. “We formed many new connections with amazing, intelligent people which helped guide us to success.”  

Terech, who authored the book, studies inclusive childhood education and Spanish. Muchow, who provided the illustrations, studies media and communication as well as English, and has a background in art. Both students are members of the University’s Honors Program.

The book is set to release fall 2024, and will be available for purchase on Amazon. Muchow and Terech plan to visit local school and organizations for book signings and live readings.