Graduate Tuition and Financial Aid

Fisher has crunched the numbers and offers you a breakdown of the costs associated with earning your graduate degree.

Academics and reputation aren’t the only factors that go into choosing a graduate school. That’s why Fisher is committed to putting the cost of obtaining an advanced degree in reach of every prospective graduate student.

Tuition and Fees for 2024-25

Master's Programs

Tuition and Fees for Master's Programs
  Per Credit Per Semester Per Year
MBA $1,352 - -
All other programs $1,137 - -
Comprehensive Fee $20 - -
Nursing Online Fee MS-AGACNP - $110 -
Nursing Online Fee MS-AGPCNP - $95 -
Nursing Online Fee MS-PCFNP - $112 -
Nursing Online Fee MS-PMHNP - $66 -
Nursing OnCampus Fee MS-AGCNS - $67 -
Nursing OnCampus Fee MS-AGACNP - $75 -
Nursing OnCampus Fee MS-AGPCNP - $58 -
Nursing OnCampus Fee MS-PCFNP - $70 -
Nursing OnCampus Fee MS-PMHNP - $50 -


Doctoral Programs

Tuition and Fees for Doctoral Programs
  Per Credit Per Semester Per Year
Executive Leadership (Ed.D) Hybrid*** $1,327 - -
Executive Leadership (Ed.D)  $1,676 - -
Nursing Practice (DNP) $1,591 - -
Nursing Practice (DNP) Fee DNP-AGCNS - $67 -
Nursing Practice (DNP) Fee DNP-AGACNP - $75 -
Nursing Practice (DNP) Fee DNP-AGPCNP - $58 -
Nursing Practice (DNP) Fee DNP-PCFNP - $70 -
Nursing Practice (DNP) Fee DNP-PM - $25 -
Comprehensive Fee $20 - -
$1,282* - $48,414**
Pharm. Online Pathway Fee  $20 -
Pharm. Comprehensive Fee - - $225
Pharm. Program Fee - - $300
*Pharmacy Online pathway students are billed per credit hour. On-ground students require the dean's approval.
** Fourth-year on-campus pharmacy students will be billed the per-year rate tuition and fees split over three semesters
***Ed.D Hybrid program start May 2023.

For more information, refer to the Student Accounts Graduate Tuition and Fees page.

Financial Aid for Graduate Students

Fisher understands that an advanced degree is an investment in your future. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals with a number of financial support programs and resources.

Alumni Award

If you are a Fisher alum, you are eligible for a one-time $1,000 alumni tuition discount in addition to a streamlined accelerated application process (accelerate app excludes nursing, mental health counseling, and educational leadership programs). Join the alumni ranks as a Double Cardinal!

Community Education Partner Program

Fisher offers a 20% tuition discount to employees at select companies and organizations when three or more employees enroll in the same term in any combination of eligible graduate programs. Learn more about the Community Education Partner Program.

Graduate TEACH Grant

If you are enrolling in Fisher's graduate inclusive adolescence education or inclusive childhood education program, you may be eligible for a federal TEACH grant. These grants provide financial assistance to students who agree to teach for at least four years in a high-needs field that serves low-income families. Learn more about the Graduate TEACH Grant.

Veterans and Military Student Support

If you are a veteran or military student, or eligible to receive financial benefits, our Veteran Affairs Office has comprehensive information on their Resources for Veterans, Military Students, and Families page.

Scholarships Available for Students at Wegmans School of Pharmacy

The Lucy P. Malmberg Pharmacy Endowed Scholarship program and White Coat Award help pharmacy students offset the cost of tuition. Contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at or (585) 385-8064 for information about eligibility criteria.

Learn More About Pharmacy Scholarships